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Where to hack education and where to stack it

Prominent venture capitalist Fred Wilson wrote a provocative blog post back in 2008 called Hacking Education, in which he expressed frustration with our current educational institutions and called for replacing them with a grand hack, an internet-enabled “peer production, collaboration, social networking, web video, voip, open source, even game play” platform.

Kno launches iPad textbook app, no threat to used books yet

We’re still waiting for the student tablet company Kno to deliver on its innovative dual-screen tablet design, but for now iPad owners will be able to get a taste of Kno’s textbook marketplace with its newly launched iPad app.

With $46M grab, can Kno make the education tablet a reality?

Kno, the maker of an upcoming digital textbook tablet, announced today it has secured $46 million as part of an equity and debt round. Marc Andreesen’s Andreesen-Horowitz was the lead in the round, with Silicon Valley Bank and TriplePoint Capital participating.