Struggling to hire developers? Maybe it’s your fault.

We talk to a lot of company founders about recruiting, and their stories are all pretty similar: hiring great developers is hard, and it’s getting harder by the day. Most blame external forces–the talent shortage or competitors with deeper pockets–but in our experience very few point the finger where it truly belongs: right back at themselves.

Marc Bodnick opens up about his move to Quora — on Quora

When VentureBeat first reported on Silicon Valley investor Marc Bodnick’s departure from Elevation Partners, the private-equity firm he cofounded, I noted his enthusiasm for Quora, the online question-and-answer community founded by Charlie Cheever and Adam D’Angelo, two early Facebook employees.

How Twitter acquires people

When is an acquisition not an acquisition? When Twitter’s involved, apparently.

Can Microsoft afford losing its Silicon Valley ambassador?

Microsoft has a sprawling campus in tech’s heartland, right by the Googleplex in Mountain View, Calif. It has thousands of employees in the Bay Area. But the departure of a high-profile evangelist once called the software giant’s “ambassador to Silicon Valley” raises questions about whether its strategy can work.

Groupon responds: Great idea, VentureBeat!

Groupon, the social-buying phenomenon based in Chicago whose CEO, Andrew Mason, I recently interviewed at the DEMO conference, has always done things a bit differently. Transparency is something they prize.

HP lawsuit adds drama to Oracle’s Mark and Larry Show

Grab your popcorn! Oracle CEO Larry Ellison’s hire of Silicon Valley neighbor and tennis partner Mark Hurd — who, by the way, just happens to have been freshly ousted as chief of Hewlett-Packard — makes for great theater. But will it be good for business?