Struggling to hire developers? Maybe it’s your fault.

We talk to a lot of company founders about recruiting, and their stories are all pretty similar: hiring great developers is hard, and it’s getting harder by the day. Most blame external forces–the talent shortage or competitors with deeper pockets–but in our experience very few point the finger where it truly belongs: right back at themselves.

Hire people who annoy you

If you build a team that looks alike, thinks alike, and wears the same shoes, you will get group-think and generate only one answer. You then have to hope it’s the right one.

3 tips to keep in mind when hiring for your startup

When you’re the leader of a startup, deciding it’s time to hire brings on mixed emotions. On the one hand, hiring new employees means new talent and fresh ideas, and it’s perhaps the most visible sign of success, or at least traction, for your company. On the other, it means ceding a bit more control, which can be difficult, to say the least.

Converting interns to hires has big payoffs

Hiring incredible talent, notably engineers, has become a crushingly hard challenge for most startup founders. While hiring seems like a good problem (you’re growing), try searching for a new Ruby engineer for six months, while your traffic takes off, feedback emails flood in, and product development grinds to a halt.