Surge pricing can lead to your company getting battered by the waves of public opinion.

Evernote's Phil Libin shows how to do startup PR the right way

Evernote CEO Phil Libin got a terrible birthday present for his 42nd birthday: a highly critical review of the popular note-taking service by influential tech blogger Jason Kincaid. But Libin’s response was a rarity in the Valley these days: it showed a CEO who gets the importance of good PR.


12 companies getting local right for small businesses

I’ve spent much of the last year talking about how the sites small businesses rely on to advertise and promote themselves — think Yelp and Groupon — are failing them. In fact, helping small businesses at the local level is extremely challenging for technology companies, for the following reasons:

Cash in on mobile, the third-wave of e-commerce

Eighteen months ago, I bet my career on mobile. The result was HotelTonight, the world’s first made-for-mobile online travel agency. HotelTonight is representative of a broader trend, the third wave of electronic commerce.