Hotmail introduces aliases to create temporary email addresses

Microsoft has enabled the use of aliases its widely-used Hotmail email service. The new feature enables Hotmail users to add temporary email addresses in situations when they do not wish to use their personal, or every-day email address.

Microsoft jams JavaScript from partners in its Hotmail messages

Microsoft, looking for a way to differentiate itself from other Web email services, has allowed a select group of companies to include JavaScript code in email messages that will introduce new functions, potentially opening up a fertile new canvas for marketers.

Week in review: Why Google needs DRM

Here’s our roundup of the week’s tech business news. First, the most popular stories VentureBeat published in the last seven days:

The new Hotmail — good for Microsoft services, not for mobile browsers

We’ve already discussed the new version of Hotmail that Microsoft demonstrated yesterday, with a focus on how it stacks up against Gmail. But one of the strongest impressions I took away from the presentation wasn’t just the ground that Hotmail might regain from Google and other competitors. If the new application, scheduled to launch this summer, does everything Microsoft hopes, it could also provide a real boost to the software giant’s other services and technologies.

New Hotmail takes aim at Gmail’s top features

Microsoft presented a sneak peek to the press this morning of a massively overhauled Hotmail — Hotmail Wave 4 in Microsoft jargon — that will go into a public beta test this summer.