AT&T launching LTE 4G in just five cities this summer (Verizon: LOL)

AT&T has a lot of catching up to do with its LTE 4G network, especially since Verizon has a major head start after launching its LTE network last December. But the first official details about AT&T’s LTE launch don’t inspire much hope.

How AT&T’s T-Mobile acquisition will improve its network

In a call with investors this morning, AT&T executives gathered together to discuss what exactly yesterday’s announced T-Mobile acquisition means for the company. It’s also the first time we’ve heard specific details on short and long-term network improvements as a result of the deal.

T-Mobile announces Galaxy S 4G and 3D-capable G-Slate tablet

T-Mobile has finally come clean on its latest flagship devices, a 4G version of Samsung’s Galaxy S phone, and LG’s G-Slate Android tablet, which will try to differentiate itself from the crowd with 3D recording and playback capabilities.

AT&T’s 4G LTE network coming mid-2011 with 20 devices by year end

AT&T finally spilled the beans on the plans for its next-generation network at its Developer Summit today, an event held in conjunction with the giant Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The company says that it expects to launch its 4G network using LTE technology by the middle of the year; it just completed the deployment of its slightly-faster HSPA+ network (which AT&T also considers “4G”).

T-Mobile rolls out advanced 3G HSPA+ network in 25 cities

T-Mobile announced today that it’s launched its HSPA+ network — which offers faster speeds than typical 3G networks — in 25 cities across America. HSPA+ is an advanced 3G network that the company is pitting against 4G rival cellular networks from Verizon and Sprint.