VB - CoffeeCup FTD

Create and design websites on your PC with CoffeeCup [VB Store]

If you’ve been hunting for a bundle of PC software that will allow you to code in seconds, easily publish intuitive elements to your website, and edit your images in a snap, then this VentureBeat Store deal is for you.

VB - MacFlux FTD

Create stunning websites with MacFlux 4 [VB Store]

MacFlux is an incredibly versatile and robust website creation app, and it can be yours through the VB Store for only $35 for a limited time. So grab it while you can – and start creating exceptional-looking websites today!

Lotte hybrid app

Hybrid mobile apps take off as HTML5 vs. native debate continues

Everyone seems to be gung-ho about HTML5 or native mobile apps, and religiously preaching for one approach over the other. Yet, while mobile giants such as Apple and Google battle it out, some companies are already opting for a third option — mediating the two approaches in what is popularly known as the “hybrid app approach”.

Google, Bing, and Yahoo partner for web tag standards

When the top three Internet search providers work together on a project, the web pays attention. On Thursday, Google, Bing, and Yahoo introduced schema.org, a resource for website owners and developers that want to add markup to their pages.