Snail Bob

How funny antics drive game loyalty

For Snail Bob, the driving factor behind getting new players and earning their loyalty has nothing to do with fancy analytics or shady free-to-play monetization strategies. No, it’s humor.

Closeup of the Declaration of Independence

This declaration designed in America

We hold these truths to be self-evident: That every year, we want more powerful gadgets for less money. Oh, and please stop tracking our personal data and showing us all those ads.


Exclusive: Cheezburger will take page out of Reddit’s playbook, allow users to create own subsites

Cheezburger Network is planning a major shift in how it grows and adds new sites and categories. The humor network is building functionality that will allow the massive Cheezburger community to create its own sub-sites and communities based on emergent crowdsourced categories.
Essentially, the web’s comedy community is giving the keys of the kingdom to its users.

13 things you can do instead of going to SXSW

You might notice a sudden surge of inexplicable tweets from the digerati over the next few days, as the hippest kids in hipsterdom descend upon Austin, Texas for the annual nerd-fest known as South by Southwest, SXSW, or just “South-By” if you’re really cool.