Mechanic worries that electric-car brakes will ruin his business

Talk to any independent auto-repair mechanic, and you’ll learn that the single most important item that keeps a shop in business is brakes. But hybrids and electric cars use their friction brakes far less aggressively than regular cars.

Hybrid and electric car sales soar during the first quarter of 2012

We already know that April was a great month for Toyota Prius hybrid sales, but it turns out that the first quarter of the year produced stellar sales numbers for hybrids in general, as well as plug-in electric cars.

Toyota expands hydrogen car program, aims to hit the road by 2013

Toyota plans to have more than 100 hydrogen fuel-cell cars on the road by 2013, the company has announced. While most of them will be given to government agencies and universities for testing in California and New York, expanding this pilot program is designed to attract consumers to the idea of hydrogen-powered cars before automakers introduce them to the market in 2015.