A sneak peek at Subaru’s first-ever hybrid

The hybrid version of the Boxer engine weighs around 300 pounds more than the standard gas-only version. In low-speed situations, the car can run on electricity, and it can start on electricity.

U.S. government scores a discount on home-grown Chevy Volt

The U.S. government is purchasing 116 plug-in electric and hybrid electric vehicles for its vehicle fleet — and it is picking up a nice discount on General Motors’ Chevy Volt, the same company it made a significant investment in to prevent the car manufacturer from failing.

Six in 10 Americans say no to electric cars (poll)

Nearly 60 percent of Americans will not buy pure plug-in electric cars — no matter what the cost — because they do not have the same range as a traditional car powered by an internal combustion engine, according to a USA Today/Gallup poll.

eBay Find: 1982 Lucas-Reliant Hybrid British Concept Car

The history of the auto industry is littered with the carcasses of the cars and companies that didn’t make it. Modern hybrid-electric vehicles, for example, were first commercialized by Toyota, with its 1997 Prius (sold in the U.S. starting in 2000). But many concepts, development vehicles, one-offs, and other technology experiments preceded that first Prius.

Would you pay $845K for this hybrid Porsche?

It’s official: the plug-in hybrid Porsche 918 Spyder is available for order at $845,000, not including shipping and taxes. Deliveries begin November 2013, and Porsche only plans to build 918 of these supercars.

Google Maps adds electric car charging station locations

Google will display the locations of electric vehicle charging stations on its Google Maps web and mobile applications in an attempt to push potential electric car buyers to take the plunge.