Drawbridge comes out of stealth with targeted mobile ads

Spend two minutes on Facebook and you’ll see how targeted ads work — they pick up on the links you click on and search terms you use to serve you relevant ads. Search for breakup songs in Google? You’ll probably get an ad for ice cream on Facebook. Mobile ads aren’t as sophisticated, which is something a young startup called Drawbridge is hoping to change.

Flash app platform Sprout reinvents itself as AdVine ad platform

Sprout, a San Francisco startup that first launched as a platform for building Flash applications, has been refocusing its technology on ad-creation. In case the shift wasn’t clear, Sprout signaled the new focus today by relaunching its flagship product under the name AdVine.

Jobs predicts iAds will steal 48% of mobile advertising market

Move over, AdMob and Millennial. Apple CEO Steve Jobs presented a slide at this morning’s Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco that claims that 48% of spending on mobile advertising in the United States from July through December of 2010 will go to Apple’s iAd advertising system for its iPhone and iPad portable gadgets.

AdMob opens the gates to other mobile ad networks

Mobile ad network AdMob, a San Mateo, Calif. startup that Google hopes to acquire as soon as the FTC approves the deal, has removed two major restrictions in hopes of broadening its customer base.