Take that, iAds: Greystripe has run 100+ iPad ad campaigns

Apple’s iAds advertising program finally came to the iPad early this month, but it seems a bit late to the party. Mobile ad network Greystripe just announced that it has served more than 100 iPad ad campaigns in the last nine months.

How lucrative are iPhone ads? MobilityWare made $300K in June

There has been some debate about whether developers can make serious cash from the advertising in their iPhone applications. In fact, Steve Jobs suggested that Apple created its iAd program as a way to address the lack of lucrative, high-quality ad programs.

Are Apple’s iAds stumbling?

Back when Apple announced its iAds platform for creating and placing high-quality ads in iPhone apps, we wondered whether smaller ad networks might get crushed. But early signs suggest that Apple hasn’t mastered this ad thing yet, according to a report today in the Wall Street Journal.