How to protect your brand in an era of new domains

The Internet will undergo some major changes this summer, and business groups will voice some serious concerns over brand protection. Brands need to start planning now if they haven’t already.


ICANN’s new policy suits attorneys, not small businesses

Before I took the plunge and began running my own small business, I worked primarily as a trademark attorney. While trademark law is no longer my life’s focus, I still find myself fascinated with branding and intellectual property. Whenever new business owners ask me for my single biggest tip, I always tell them to protect their intellectual property early and thoroughly.


ICANN opens the floodgates on top-level domains

ICANN, a nonprofit overseeing IP address spaces, voted Monday to approve extending the number of available top-level domain extensions, or TLDs. No longer will companies and organizations be restricted to the 22 existing extensions like .com, .edu, .org.