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Taking the talent search into the 21st century

In all of your job hunting experiences, you’ve wished there was an easier way, but it’s not up to you. It’s up to those seeking your talent and if they know what’s best, they’ll make it easier for you to get to them.


7 tips for candidate experience gamification

Recruiting has been one of the critical processes where gamification has gained popularity, as it’s useful for driving employee participation in referral programs, sharing career content, and building brand awareness.

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Confessions of a Tech Recruiter (interview)

Have you ever wondered what goes on in the mind of a tech recruiter? Interested in learning how to get discovered or stand out? Now’s your chance to get the inside scoop from a tech recruiter!


Customer experience management: How to consistently deliver excellence

I find it compelling to see what companies do to delight their customers. Recently, a very positive trend has taken shape as many companies are now investing in initiatives like “Voice of the Customer” programs and in-depth internal training efforts.

When did it become sexy to not make money?

High-profile IPOs continue to lose money, month after month — but they still seem somehow “sexier” than cloud companies that actually make a profit. What’s up with that?