Microsoft lets loose second Internet Explorer 10 preview

Microsoft on Tuesday released a second preview of its Internet Explorer 10 browser, which will give developers a chance to test out new features and technologies related to IE10. The new browser is expected to launch officially next year when Windows 8 is released.

Firefox 4 soars past IE9’s usage in half the time

Mozilla’s Firefox 4 browser trounced Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 9 in first day downloads when it launched last week, but now it’s further walloping Microsoft’s browser by snagging twice as much usage in half the time, according to data from NetApplications.

Microsoft on IE9: It’s about the hardware

Microsoft recently launched Internet Explorer 9, which VentureBeat’s Devindra Hardawar said is the company’s “prettiest browser yet”. I spoke to corporate vice president Dean Hachamovitch about the launch, and he said that prettiness comes from “a new approach” to Internet browsers.

Microsoft launches Internet Explorer 9, its prettiest browser yet

Microsoft’s long journey to revitalize Internet Explorer, and make it a competitive web browser against speedy upstarts like Google Chrome, finally reached its end tonight. A few hours ago, Microsoft made the final version of Internet Explorer 9 available on its Beauty of the Web site.

Just how popular is Microsoft’s software lately?

The latest iteration of Microsoft’s Windows operating system, Windows 7, has sold 240 million copies in its first year of being on the market, Microsoft announced today.

Microsoft accidentally releases new Internet Explorer 9 screenshot and details

Even though we’ve seen a few developer previews of Microsoft’s upcoming Internet Explorer 9 browser, the company has managed to keep news of IE9’s new visual interface under wraps — until now. It appears that Microsoft Russia accidentally released a screenshot and further information related to IE9 on its press site, ZDNet’s Mary Jo Foley reports.