WWDC predictions: A new iOS, Mountain Lion date, and iCloud updates

Spoiler alert! Apple is going to announce things on Monday morning at a keynote address kicking off the annual Apple World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC). Since speculation and rumors are half the fun (and annoyance) of reporting on Apple, we’ve collected some of our predictions for the big event.

‘iMac Touch’ patent uncovered in Europe

If a patent published recently in Europe is any indication, Apple is planning to build computers that combine touch screen capabilities of the iPad with traditional mouse and keyboard interfaces on the same device.

Apple upgrades iMac and Mac Pro, unveils Magic Trackpad for multitouch

After months of speculation, Apple today has finally unveiled the latest updates to its iMac and Mac Pro computer line. The company also revealed its long-rumored Magic TrackPad — a USB accessory that resembles a larger version of the MacBook Pro’s trackpad and brings increased multitouch functionality to the desktop.