Minecraft creator opens the doors to custom mods

Indie darling Minecraft creator Marcus Persson will reveal the game’s guts to game developers looking to create custom modifications for the build-your-own-adventure sandbox game.

Frozenbyte bets on Humble Bundle to launch games

Y Combinator-backed Humble Bundle is launching its second official batch of games that allows users to set their own price for the cost of the download. This time, the package was created by a single developer, indie game house Frozenbyte.

Y Combinator-backed Humble Bundle sells $1.8M worth of indie games

The second Humble Indie Bundle, a batch of games that players can purchase for whatever amount they want to pay, has raked in a not-quite-so-humble $1.82 million after being on sale for a little more than a week — and its host might be looking at a nice $90,000 tip for its efforts.