GamesBeat's favorite indies of E3 2014

Between the fake buildings and flashing displays that dominate the Electronic Entertainment Expo, dozens of indie game representatives stood for hours in crowded rows to share their games with anyone who wandered by.

Trip the light fantastic in indie video game Waveform

When video game programmer and designer Ryan Vandendyck set out to start a new project in the summer of 2009, the idea was simple: create a game centered on a single game play mechanic inspired by mathematical principle. The result was Waveform, a colorful, retro-style action game that tasks you with restoring light to a dying galaxy by manipulating a wave of light transmitting through space.


Buddy can you spare a dollar? Indie game developer makes you think about being homeless

This week I played a game called Homeless on my Xbox 360 game console. The game involved bumming quarters from passers by, trying to scratch enough money together to get through another day. It was pretty simple to play, and I didn’t place on any high score table, but the game told a story, and it made me think. I was left wondering if that was enough to expect from a game, or whether it had actually delivered far more than I had expected.