The DeanBeat: How developers can avoid a bloodbath in fighting for new users

In the past month, what app makers have to spend to get the attention of Apple device users has risen out of control. That’s a tough fact of life that could make survival hard in the Darwinian mobile app ecosystem. Solving this problem is going to require a lot of innovation and clear thinking. And if it isn’t solved, we’re going to see a number of mobile app companies start to die. If Apple and others in the ecosystem don’t handle it right, it could be a bloodbath for developers.

Infinity Blade II review: more is actually more

Infinity Blade II is debuting today, and the mobile game reminds us of the attractions of iterative game development. The risk is low, the potential for gain is high. While an innovative game can change the course of development in its own right and become the fastest selling game in iOS history, a well done sequel can polish what the first game got right to a high gleam, and add just the right amount of extras and enrichment to become something even sweeter. We’ve seen it with a series like Games of War, another Epic Games property, and now we can see it again with Infinity Blade II, my pick for the most console-like experience on the iOS platform to date.

The iPad 2 will be great for playing games (video)

Mark Rein, vice president of Epic Games, has seen lots of game machines. But he says that the iPad 2, unveiled by Apple today, is really a cool portable game console.

Epic Games bets 3D graphics will take mobile devices by storm (video)

Epic Games is known for titles like Gears of War on the PC and on consoles. But the company is also working hard to make its Unreal Engine run on mobile devices such as the iPad. Epic’s Infinity Blade game (pictured) took the App Store by storm when it launched in December, taking the No. 1 spots for both top iPad and iPhone games.