Bing employees in Bellevue, Wash.

Why companies are not startups

While it’s fashionable to build corporate incubators, there’s little evidence that they deliver more than “innovation theater.” Big companies just aren’t set up for real innovation and agility.

Dick Costolo at D11

What going public will do to Twitter

Twitter announced on Sept. 12 that it had filed a confidential S-1 in preparation for going public. The questions are: Why? Why now? And what will the IPO do to the Twitter we know and love?


How the Internet is killing innovation

I have come to believe that, yes, the Internet is killing innovation. So let me plant some seeds of doubt in your biased pro-Internet love fest.


Why health care needs Apple

In the still-nascent digital health space, Apple could serve as a regulator of sorts — a platform, perhaps or a hub — just as it has done with smartphone apps, music, podcasts, and even online courses.

Innovation teams don’t work. Here’s what does

Innovation teams don’t work: They just demoralize everyone at your company who isn’t on the team. So how do you successfully build a culture of innovation?

Why I love Silicon Valley

I believe we’re on the threshold of far greater growth — growth that will impact more people, in more age groups, and across more industries than ever before.


Apple’s finite loop

Why I think Apple’s infinite loop is turning gradually finite.

Five innovations that will define tech in 2013

Tablets, the quantified self movement, big data, new user interface paradigms, and the return of manufacturing jobs to the U.S. will help shape the coming year.

The Legacy Trap: Getting caught by the innovation curve

Innovation. It’s what makes new markets. It’s what creates new opportunities for companies to grow dramatically. And it’s what creates demand when consumers don’t even know they want something.