Cloud video startup Zixi raises $4M

Cloud video startup Zixi has raises $4 million in a round of funding for its web video broadcasting business.

Netflix planning overseas invasion, slowly but surely

It’s been a long time coming. The video-on-demand provider Netflix has been talking about launching its service as a streaming-only version outside the U.S. for a while, but only now does it seem that the company is really getting ready to test its service globally, Engadget reports.

“European Netflix” Lovefilm comes to the Playstation 3

Lovefilm, the “NetFlix of Europe”, has just announced that its streaming video subscription service will now be available on Sony’s PlayStation 3 video-game consoles in the UK. Lovefilm currently has 1.4 million subscribers in Europe. More than 3 million households in the UK own a PS3.

Web TV network raises $10.1M, a startup that lets independent producers create their own Web TV shows, just announced a $10.1 million third round of funding.