How to watch the presidential debates online

Unlike the last election cycle, the 2012 presidential debates will be available online. You might want to turn off your TV to watch these ones — or at the very least, keep your smartphone or tablet handy.

Yahoo, Tales from the Crypt

10 Yahoo services that should be killed by Scott Thompson’s restructuring plan

Yahoo has been scrambling in recent years to stay relevant and competitive while Google grows into a dominating search and social company. With the company’s paltry first quarter earnings increase, the once-powerful search engine plans to shut down or combine more than 50 Yahoo properties.

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ABC News to poll Republican-debate viewers via TV-tagging app IntoNow

Republican presidential hopefuls will square off Saturday night at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa. Conversations about the debate are sure to trickle over onto the social web, and ABC News, which is broadcasting and moderating the event, will gauge viewer reactions in real-time by polling them via TV-tagging application IntoNow.