7 reasons for entrepreneurs to avoid tranched investments

The current thinking around tranches by most investors is that they are a good tool to motivate founders, however, tranches are more damaging to the long term success of a company than investors typically consider,

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Strategic investor: Friend or foe?

What are the plusses and minuses of taking in money from a corporation versus a financial investor?

Funding Daily: 111

Thanks to investors and the alleged “energetic gateway” that opened today, an unusually high number of startups announced fundraising today.

Funding Daily: Hakuna Matata

Life in the tech scene is a lot like life on the Africa savanna. Read more to find out which 15 companies drank from investor watering holes today.

Funding Daily: Data pie

Big data is hot right now in the technology world and VCs are eagerly opening their wallets to companies that slice and dice data into yummy (or at least useful) form.