Ranku CEO Kim Taylor

Is this startup ready for investment?

Other than “I’ll know it when I see it”, there’s no formal way for an investor attending a demo day to assess project maturity or quantify risks.

Would a VC back your startup

What makes a great VC

Being a great VC is about more than having a stacked Rolodex, 80-hour work weeks, and lightning-fast response times. It takes community, generosity, and most important, empathy.

ss exchange bitcoins

I invested in Bitcoin. You should, too

Since I heard about Bitcoin earlier this year, I’ve been developing my investment thesis. Here’s some advice for early investors.


The rise of the angel investor (infographic)

The average angel is 47 years old, makes $90,000 a year, invests in one out of every 10 deals he sees, invests $37,000 in each deal, and lives in California. The halo and the wings? Those are just for show.