The meaning behind iOS 7’s kaleidoscope of colors

Many iPhone and iPad users are angry with the color palette on Apple’s new iOS7. Some have even compared it to the Easter bunny on weed. But a few of the color world’s most influential experts like the choices because they fit current design trends towards lightness and harmony.

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7 things you’ll hate about iOS 7

Apple’s new mobile operating system ships to iPhone and iPad owners around the world today. I’ve been using it for the past three months, and while I think it’s the best version of iOS ever — and indeed, the best mobile operating system ever —  there are still some things that new users are going to have to get used to.

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iOS 7: still the best

I’ve been using iOS 7 in various beta forms for the last three months, and it’s the best mobile operating system Apple has ever delivered.

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iOS 7, Windows 8, and flat design: In defense of skeuomorphism

Apple is changing its entire design approach to this “flat” world with iOS 7 and Microsoft’s Windows 8 has taken a similar approach. But both ignore places where the skeuomorphic model is still critical to the usefulness of a technology.

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The new iOS 7 features you haven't heard about

We used to commission the world’s best artists to paint our chapels and ceremonial halls, we now commission the world’s best digital artists to create software.