Analyst: Apple’s next-gen phones, iPad will be delayed

The potential bad news for Apple just keeps getting worse. PC shipments are down, Foxconn’s iPhone builds slipped this past quarter, iPad sales are shifting to the cheaper iPad mini, and now the next big Apple hit products may be missing production target.


Is Apple really doomed?

As of Wednesday night the stock was down about 3 percent, after having been down as much as 5 percent. And over the past three months, it’s down 22 percent, equivalent to $130 billion in market cap.

Give the gift of good design

Many a Christmas morning is ruined by poorly designed consumer electronics.

The iPad Mini

Rumor: iPad Mini is going retina

The iPad mini may be a marvel of miniaturization and the best small tablet on the market, but it lacks a high-quality retina display, and it’s not exactly cheap. It looks like at least one of those issues could be resolved soon.