iPhone 5S near? Best Buy offers $50 off iPhone 5

The first rule of iPhone is that it never, never goes on sale. The second rule of iPhone is that when iPhone does go on sale, it’s only last year’s model, or even older. The third rule of iPhone is that when this year’s model goes on sale, a new model is coming soon.

iPhone 4S 1

VentureBeat reflects on five years of the iPhone

It’s hard to believe that it’s only been five years since the iPhone first launched on June 29, 2007. Looking back at it now, it’s striking just how much Apple gave us a glimpse at the future — one with touchscreen smartphones just about everywhere, location services at our fingertips, and all of our media stuffed into our phones.

Dropping phones: iPhone 4S v. Samsung Galaxy S III

Everyone likes a good Apple versus Android video, right? Well, SquareTrade, which appropriately provides extended warranties on your technology, did a drop test of the iPhone 4S versus the Samsung Galaxy S III. Get ready for some communications carnage.

Apple’s Siri sued again

Siri is such a sad disappointment to some iPhone 4S buyers that the voice-activated virtual assistant now finds herself a defendant in yet another class action suit.