Apps want to be free, and we love ads (report)

In 2011, 80 percent of apps were free. Today, 90 percent of apps are free, with monetization provided via good old we-gather-an-audience-and-sell-its-attention strategy that has worked since the dawn of modern media.

Twist, an app for iPhone, saves time with accurate ETAs

“Where” is yesterday’s news. The next big opportunity in mobile is “when,” according to serial angel investor Bill Lee, who’s backed the likes of Posterous, TweetDeck, and Yammer. Add Twist to that list, a startup backed and co-founded by Lee that today unveils its time-saving application for iPhone.

Amazon Cloud-player

Amazon finally gives the iPhone a Cloud Player music app

It’s no secret that Amazon’s business strategy involves growing its digital media sales, which it has done by undercutting MP3 music download prices on iTunes. But Amazon’s streaming music strategy, kicked off by its Cloud Player release last year, has left iPhone users out in the cold until now.