Camera+ maker Tap Tap Tap hits 10M app sales

The makers of seven iOS-only paid applications, including the sophisticated photo capture and edit application Camera+, have sold more than 10 million applications by way of the App Store.


Little Deviants is a complete pest (review)

Little Deviants fell into a trap. The release of Sony’s new hardware has triggered an influx of games that feel compelled to overuse the PlayStation Vita’s features. Bigbig Studio’s offering is the worst example of such forced design. As one of the cheapest PS Vita launch titles, this game is proof that you pay for quality.

Congress demands answers from Apple on address book privacy

The questionable practices of little-known iPhone application Path led to the unearthing of evidence that many other iPhone apps also take consumers’ address book data. The ensuing public outcry prompted U.S. government officials today to question the one company that might actually be to blame: Apple.


Your address book is mine: Many iPhone apps take your data

Path got caught red-handed uploading users’ address books to its servers and had to apologize. But the relatively obscure journaling app is not alone. In fact, Path was crucified for a practice that has become an unspoken industry standard.


Evernote hits more than 20M users

Multi-platform note-taking startup Evernote has now reached more than 20 million users, CEO Phil Libin said at the LeWeb conference this morning in Paris.


Flipboard iPhone app launch takes down entire service (updated)

After last night’s highly anticipated launch of the Flipboard news reading app for iPhone, the entire Flipboard service has been taken down. In a tweet posted to the official Flipboard Twitter account, the team admitted that the company’s service has been knocked out from “high demand” and is “working to resolve the issue as soon as possible.”

irene thumb

5 iPhone apps to help you prepare for a hurricane

As you’ve probably heard, Hurricane Irene is set to hit much of the East Coast of the United States starting today and continuing throughout the weekend. National and local authorities are taking the threat seriously and evacuations are happening from the Carolinas all the way up to New York City.

Is that a gay in your pocket, or just apps to see them?

The Big Gay Sketch Show, a popular variety series on Viacom’s gay-themed logo channel, debuted in 2007 with a sketch about “Your Pocket Gay Friend.” Now, two gay social networks are making the notion of the gay-world-in-your-pocket a reality with iPhone apps.