iPhone 5S near? Best Buy offers $50 off iPhone 5

The first rule of iPhone is that it never, never goes on sale. The second rule of iPhone is that when iPhone does go on sale, it’s only last year’s model, or even older. The third rule of iPhone is that when this year’s model goes on sale, a new model is coming soon.

NYT: Apple considering cheaper iPhone, not iPhone mini

Contradicting several recent reports that Apple is planning a smaller iPhone, the New York Times is now reporting that, while Apple is looking for ways to make the iPhone cheaper, it is not pursuing a smaller version of the device.

Will the iPhone Mini only stream media? That’s crazy talk

It’s easy to go overboard with Apple rumors, and that’s what I fear is happening with this little tidbit: A source tells Cult of Mac that the rumored iPhone Mini will only stream media over the cloud, and it won’t have any storage onboard to play back media.