OpenFeint finds a way to co-exist with Apple's Game Center for the iPhone

When Apple launched its Game Center social platform for iPhone games, it looked like a supporting tool such as the OpenFeint platform was doomed. That’s because OpenFeint, a social game platform built by the startup formerly known as Aurora Feint and now called OpenFeint, did much of the same thing as Game Center, socializing games so that users would make friends and play more.

Why Windows Phone 7's first day sales numbers don't matter

In lieu of actual first day US sales numbers from Microsoft, everyone seems to be predicting doom and gloom for the Windows Phone 7 platform. Microsoft may have sold as few as 40,000 phones on Monday, a “market research source” tells the financial site TheStreet. Meanwhile, CNet reporters noted that a San Francisco T-Mobile store didn’t have much luck pushing its WP7 wares.

The iPhone app is the Flash homepage of 2010

In the late 1990s, it was common for companies to spend $50,000 to $150,000 for a Flash homepage that looked like a beautiful brochure. However, they soon learned that Flash was cumbersome, slow to load, expensive to build, and hard to update, and moved on to HTML. Now only specialized, high-end sites are Flash only.