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Apple earnings today: Preview

Just after the launch of the very-successful iPhone 5S and the not-quite-as-hot iPhone 5C, Apple told analysts to expect $36-37 billion in revenue and perhaps $7 billion in profit for its fourth quarter of 2013.

The iPhone 4

Psst! Wanna buy a smartphone? Got papers!

Since a smartphone is such an attractor for thieves, what if you couldn’t sell a used one without proof of ownership? That’s the idea behind a new bill introduced Friday in the New York State Legislature.


iOS 7 will hit Apple's iDevices on Sept. 18

While Apple unveiled its iOS 7 operating system back in June, what the company didn’t say is when iOS users would actually be able to get their (figurative) sweaty mitts on the update. Until now, anyway.

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What to expect from Apple's media event: iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and more

Tomorrow is Apple’s biggest opportunity since June to address the world. But it’s much bigger than that, really … it’s Apple’s biggest opportunity since October of last year to impress the pundits, analysts, press — and most importantly buyers — with its vision for the future.
That vision — and the man who crafts it — has been very much in question lately.