Next-gen iPods may get wireless sync thanks to carbon fiber

Using a USB cord to sync your information may become a thing of the past. Apple CEO Steve Jobs is apparently pushing hard to make wireless syncing standard in the next iPod, according to a source from Cult of Mac.

So long Zune, thanks for all the tunes

After trying (and failing) time and again to take on Apple’s iPod, Microsoft is finally killing off its Zune media player, a source tells Bloomberg’s Dina Bass.

By the numbers: Apple’s fourth quarter results

Apple delivered a stellar fourth quarter by bringing in almost $27 billion in revenue during the holiday season — another record for the iPhone and Mac manufacturer.

Apple sells massive 7M iPads, 16M iPhones in Q1 2011

The holidays have been good to Apple, and in particular to iPad sales. In its first quarter 2011 earnings report today, Apple said it sold an astonishing 7.33 million iPads and 16.24 million iPhones in the quarter.

How Apple could become the world’s biggest tech company (reader poll)

Not many companies get a second chance. In that respect, Apple has led a charmed life. The company led the first boom in personal computers but fell behind the PC juggernaut as Microsoft, the PC clone makers, and a broad array of PC industry supporters soared past Apple, leaving it with about 2 percent of the personal computer market.

Steve Wozniak gives thumbs up to Steve Jobs’ new Ping social network (video)

Steve Jobs has rarely acknowledged Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak in public in recent years. So it was a surprise when Jobs called out his “partner in crime” Tuesday at the launch of Apple’s latest music products. Wozniak, commonly known as Woz, stood up and took the applause. Afterward, reporters grabbed him for his reaction. Here’s a short video of Woz’s take on the announcements such as Apple’s Ping social networking service.

Apple roundup: Steve’s big media push

So Apple made some news today. Specifically, chief executive Steve Jobs took the stage in San Francisco, where he showed off major upgrades to the company’s music and TV services.

What to expect from Apple’s Wednesday event: New iPods, Apple TV, and more

Apple’s next big media event is set for this Wednesday, September 1 at 1PM EST (10AM PST), and as always, there’s no shortage of rumor and speculation floating about. We’ll be at the event, and will be following any major announcements. But first, let’s take a look at what Apple may have up its sleeve.

Apple manager arrested for taking $1M in kickbacks from suppliers

This is one of those great gigs of the modern iPhone era, until you get caught. A mid-level Apple manager was arrested on Friday for allegedly taking $1 million in kickbacks from Asian suppliers for the iPhone and iPod, according to a published report.

iPod godfather Tony Fadell leaves Apple for good, moving on to green tech

Tony Fadell, the man who brought the idea of a portable audio player to Apple, has now cut all of his ties with the company, according the New York Times. He initially stepped down from his role as senior VP of Apple’s iPod division in November 2008 for “personal reasons”, but remained close to the company as a special advisor to Steve Jobs.