Ireland: We're no tax haven … but … yes, Apple did pay 2% tax

The head of the Irish agency designed to promote foreign investment in the country strongly denied that Ireland is a tax haven. But when questioned by Ireland’s RTE News, he could not deny that Apple has paid an effective tax rate of just two percent, much as Senator Carl Levin said yesterday in hearings on Capitol Hill.

European regulators investigate Facebook facial recognition over privacy concerns

Several European privacy regulators said Wednesday they are investigating Facebook’s facial recognition software, which was enabled without the consent of millions of users Tuesday, according to the Financial Times. Facebook says the purpose of the new feature is to make it easier for users to tag photos.

Dublin: Europe’s next startup petri dish?

Startup Bootcamp, a European startup accelerator network and Techstars affiliate, just added Dublin to its existing locations of Copenhagen and Madrid. London and Berlin will follow in 2012.

Ciara’s top posts of 2010

Tech journalism, and tech companies, for me have always been about ideas and their ability to change the world. What matters is not only the strength of the light you can shed on a subject but what you choose to illuminate. For me, technology should either be delightful or do something important or both. Here are the articles I loved writing in 2010:

Return of the Celtic Tiger: Can renewables refuel the Irish economy?

Ireland has been in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, starring in a soap opera of EU intrigue and enforced bank bailouts. Watching my home country’s progress over the past few years has been like the troubled career of singer Amy Winehouse: huge talent and instant riches followed by a rapid and self-inflicted downward spiral cataloged in tabloid headlines.