Apple devs may get an SDK to create apps for iTV at WWDC

If you haven’t heard the rumors about Apple’s television by now, you’ve been living under a sad, lonely rock. The company is now reportedly releasing a software developer kit (SDK) for the rumored talking box to create the real TV game changer: apps.

Yes, ITV really did use video game footage during an IRA propaganda piece

ITV, one of the United Kingdom’s major commercial television networks, has been found guilty of deceptively using video game footage during what it claimed to be an IRA (Irish Republican Army) propaganda video in September, 2011. The final ruling comes from Ofcom, which for us Yanks is the equivalent of the FCC, the same people who call foul whenever there’s a wardrobe malfunction on US television.

apple rca

From smartphones to televisions, how Apple will avoid the fate of RCA

The economics of the consumer electronics industry dictate that on a long enough timescale, all products will become low-margin commodities. The companies that make products household names are destined to fade from the public’s memory. Will Apple suffer the same fate as others before it, such as RCA, who revolutionized television sets in a similar fashion but were relegated to the dustbin of history decades later?

New Apple TV may finally offer Netflix streaming video access

As if we needed any more rumors surrounding Apple’s media event on Wednesday (we covered the major rumors in an earlier post), we’re now hearing that the company may finally bring Netflix’s Watch Instantly streaming video service to its revamped Apple TV, three unnamed sources tell Businessweek.

What to expect from Apple’s Wednesday event: New iPods, Apple TV, and more

Apple’s next big media event is set for this Wednesday, September 1 at 1PM EST (10AM PST), and as always, there’s no shortage of rumor and speculation floating about. We’ll be at the event, and will be following any major announcements. But first, let’s take a look at what Apple may have up its sleeve.

Talk of 99-cent iTunes TV rentals points to revamped Apple TV

As if we needed more evidence that Apple is planning to launch a new Apple TV (which will most likely be called iTV), now there’s word that the company is preparing to let iTunes users rent TV shows for 99 cents, according to Bloomberg.

Should you buy Google TV or wait for the new Apple TV to launch?

There’s little doubt that TV and the internet world will eventually merge, and Google and Apple are both making efforts in that direction. Devices based on Google TV are launching this fall, and Apple is expected to launch a new, stronger version of its Apple TV (now dubbed iTV) sometime next year.

New Apple TV renamed iTV — gains apps, restricted to 720p HD video

In May, we reported that the next Apple TV would potentially retail for $99 and run on iPhone-like hardware with iOS. It was an exciting reveal for a product that has long been ignored by Apple — but now it appears that the news surrounding the new Apple TV isn’t entirely rosy.