The Apple Watch.

Fashion won’t be what sells the Apple Watch

It’s ugly. It’s beautiful. It doesn’t matter: The Apple Watch will sell millions in 2015 when it finally ships. More than 200 million people already own iPhones that are compatible.

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Apple Watch is ugly and boring (and Steve Jobs would have agreed)

Steve Jobs once looked at a Segway in a very exclusive pre-unveiling of inventor Dean Kamen’s machine, together with legendary investor John Doerr and Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, and told the Segway inventors that their incredible, amazing, wonderful new world-changing personal transporter … “sucked.”

Apple "iWatch" concept by UI designer Todd Hamilton

Inside the mind of an iWatch product manager

Apple announced a torrent of new software features at last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference, strongly hinting at the upcoming launch of an Apple “iWatch” with frameworks for health tracking and home automation.

Apple "iWatch" concept by UI designer Todd Hamilton

In Apple’s healthcare play, will BYOD = Bring Your Own Data?

Apple is in a unique position to upend the multi-billion dollar turf controlled by a few long-entrenched providers of electronic health record systems — and in so doing, to revolutionize healthcare and put patients in control.

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What to expect from Apple's media event: iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C, and more

Tomorrow is Apple’s biggest opportunity since June to address the world. But it’s much bigger than that, really … it’s Apple’s biggest opportunity since October of last year to impress the pundits, analysts, press — and most importantly buyers — with its vision for the future.
That vision — and the man who crafts it — has been very much in question lately.