Quasar brings the glory of windowed apps to jailbroken iPads

As much as I love the new iPad, I still find it tough to multitask on the device due to Apple’s focus on full-screen apps. Quasar, a new app for jailbroken iPads by Pedro Franceschi, makes the tablet act more like traditional operating systems by letting you juggle multiple apps in windows.

MobileNotifier UI designer: Apple’s iOS 5 notifications sure look familiar

Much has been written about the slick jailbreak app MobileNotifier, which replaces Apple’s clunky iOS notifications on jailbroken devices. The app was clearly an inspiration for the notification upgrades in iOS 5 Apple announced yesterday — the company even went as far as to hire the developer of MobileNotifier, Peter Hajas.

Sorry jailbreakers: AT&T cracks down on unofficial iPhone tethering

One of the most compelling reasons to jailbreak, or hack, your iPhone, is to run an app called MyWi that lets you share your iPhone’s mobile internet connection without paying a monthly fee to AT&T. But now it looks like the heady days of free tethering are coming to an end.

Hackers say they can “jailbreak” iPhone 4.1 software

Less than a day after Apple released its iOS 4.1 operating system, hackers say they have jailbroken the software for the iPhone 4. In doing so, hackers have shown yet again that they can beat the security systems that Apple puts in place to keep control of its hardware devices.

iPhone 4 jailbreak lands with JailbreakMe 2.0, no computer required

The moment many intrepid iPhone 4 owners have been waiting for is here: The iPhone Dev Team has released a jailbreak for the iPhone 4 via their JailbreakMe 2.0 tool — and this time around, users can perform the hack right on their device.