Washington Post

Hey, Bezos, want to revitalize the Washington Post? Invest in people

Predictive analytics, customized news feeds based on location and previous history, weaving reader voices into the storytelling … all these things and more have been thrown onto the “what could be” pile for a reinvented Post. But the greatest innovation and investment the Bezos-led Post could make is in its people.

Kindle Fire HD

Amazon’s fourth quarter earnings in 60 seconds or less

Amazon sales were up 22 percent to $21.27 billion in the fourth quarter of 2012, the company reported, or 23 percent higher if difference in foreign exchange rates are excluded. But net income was down 45% to only $97 million, or $0.21 per share, compared with $177 million in 2011.

Amazon unveils Kindle Fire HD, Kindle Paperwhite e-reader

Amazon today lifted the veil on the newest additions to its lineup of tablet devices and e-readers. Clearly, in an attempt to convince consumers ahead of the holiday shopping season that its hardware can be both cheap and sexy.