Three ways Android is kicking the iPhone 5 to the curb

While I’d still recommend an iPhone for my mom, the new breed of Android devices with 5-inch screens exceed the iPhone 5 in every aspect, including hardware, operating system, and apps.

Google’s Nexus 7: Finally, an Android tablet worth owning (review)

The Nexus 7 isn’t a revolutionary tablet, but it’s certainly an evolutionary one: a device that builds on the mistakes and successes of Android tablets thus far. It’s the first to crawl out of the ocean of terrible Android slates, and on the way it’s crushed the slower and weaker Kindle Fire (which was oh-so-close). Call it natural tablet selection.

an apple-lover's take on the ipad

An Apple-lover’s take on the Nexus 7

All tablets are not created equal. A fact not lost on this reporter, who, at the age of three, learned to love Apple by using the very first Macintosh. Reared on the Apple doctrine, I now demand excellence in hardware, sleekness in design, and that indescribable feeling of pure joy when touching a device.

No mobile Flash for Android 4.1, Adobe says

Adobe is putting the final nail in the coffin for its mobile version of Flash player with the announcement that it won’t be handing out certification for devices running Android 4.1 Jellybean — ever.

Google’s Nexus 7 starts a whole new tablet war (hands-on)

Google has a lot to prove with the Nexus 7: Does it finally understand tablets, after so much bumbling over the last few years? Can it take back tablet market share from Amazon, which has managed to create the only successful Android tablet with the Kindle Fire? And how can a cheap device take on the high-end iPad?


Google officially announces Android 4.1 ‘Jelly Bean’

Google has just unveiled some fascinating new details on Jelly Bean, the latest version of Android, at Google I/O, the company’s developer conference taking place in San Francisco this week.