Uh oh, where did all the tech jobs go? (Infographic)

Technology is hailed as a powerful engine of job creation, but things may not be as rosy as we like to think. It creates opportunities for new businesses, but there is also evidence that tech destroys jobs and the industry is beset by layoffs.

A bunch of people, who might be working at a startup, playing Foosball.

Career change? 10 top tips to landing a hot tech startup job

The clichés of startup life are clichés for a reason. Scrap the corporate culture and dress code, and understand that even though they can seem frivolous, startup trappings like the ping pong table serve a purpose.


The top 4 career trends for 2013

Next year we may not be commuting to work in flying cars yet, but it won’t really matter — many of us won’t be commuting to work at all.