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Tech industry to Republicans, Democrats: tech jobs are everywhere (not just in Silicon Valley)

A new report from the Bay Area Council Economic Institute revealed that tech jobs are hot, they’re getting hotter, and they’re not just in Silicon Valley … or Silicon Alley. In fact, communities in unconventional hotspots Wisconson, Ohio, and North Carolina have recently seen increases of more than 10 percent in high-tech employment.
The subtext? Don’t kill the goose that’s laying the golden eggs.

Apple to expand Texas presence with new $304M campus

Apple is planning a new $304 million campus in Austin. Rick Perry, Texas governor and failed Republican presidential candidate, announced the news today, just in time for Austin’s annual festival of Mac-lovin’ nerds, SXSW. The location will handle customer support, accounting, and sales for the company.

The secret to finding business jobs in StartupVille

Have you noticed that there are very few job listings for business development, marketing, operations, and other business-related functions at startups? It seems like all the non-technical jobs get snatched up before they are even made public.

Americans hitting second-tier job search sites a lot more

It’s not surprising that Americans are hitting the category that online ratings company comScore calls “career services & development” more than ever. Many mid-level job sites like SnagAJob have had 30 to 60 percent growth between June 2008 and 2009.