It takes precision

Why mobile advertising needs specialists

Desktop advertising has a neat, simple solution. Mobile advertising does not, but many very smart people in mobile advertising are trying to crack that problem. Bypassing their solutions simply because they’re mobile only isn’t a smart fix.

Why mobile advertising must not stand alone

It’s the corporate version of the founder’s dilemma: Rarely can a startup define an emerging market and also go on to lead in its space. Case in point: mobile advertising.

Your career, future-proofed

The world economies stand at a crossroads. Industries that once were dominant are long in decline.

Digital Darwinism: How we’re shaping our future

We can look at our own behavior in the past and present — and examine the evolution of how we use technology and media — to find clues about the future.

Convergence can make 2013 the true ‘Year of Mobile’

As 2012 comes to a close, we bid farewell to one “year of mobile” and get ready to embark on another. The industry keeps saying this will be the year, and then it isn’t. What gives?