Disney Mobile turns to indie brand with Temple Run Brave

Disney is making major investments in mobile games, but in a new twist, it has turned to a three-person indie game studio to create the mobile version of the latest major Pixar film, Brave. The result is Temple Run Brave, a new mobile game being unveiled today on iOS (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch) and Android. The title will be available June 14.

Temple Run developer shares a behind the scenes look at making a runaway hit iOS game

Imangi Studios’ Natalia Luckyanova (pictured left, with husband and business partner, Keith Shepherd) was gracious enough to spend a little bit of time this past weekend answering our questions about their runaway hit, Temple Run. With a combination of a smart development cycle and an ability to take advantage of the App Store Market, they’ve created a juggernaut of a game app.