A soldier’s perspective on Call of Duty and its ilk (interview)

It’s no secret that first-person shooters — in all their Hollywood-inspired clamor and spectacle — don’t simulate the realities of war very well. From basic rules of engagement, to gun safety (i.e., don’t flag your buddies), and the dynamics of combat, FPSs are more akin to interactive action flicks than a proper recreation of armed conflict.

Killzone 3 with Move controller: a novel but not brilliant gaming experience

Sony’s newly launched Killzone 3 video game for the PlayStation 3 promised to be a big step up in first-person shooting sci-fi combat. You can play the game in stereoscopic 3D and use the PlayStation Move motion-sensing controller for more immersive realism. But while those elements make the game experience innovative, they don’t make up for shortcomings elsewhere.

Sony’s Killzone 3 looks amazing, but its 3D TV version disappoints

Sony showed off the full glory of its upcoming Killzone 3 video game for the PlayStation 3 last night at a press event in San Francisco. The game looks outstanding, with intense and movie-like combat scenes, but I wasn’t impressed with its attempt to tie the game to 3D TV and 3D viewing glasses.

Full interview with Guerrilla Games’ Hermen Hulst on building Killzone 3

We got a chance to talk directly with Hermen Hulst, managing director at Killzone 3 developer Guerrilla Games. The pressure is on for Hulst to deliver another exclusive for Sony that will convince gamers to stick with or buy a PlayStation 3. His job is to make sure that his studio shoots high enough to show off what the PS 3 can do and keep Sony ahead of its rivals in the console war. Here’s a transcript of the interview.