Why Amazon was so coy about Kindle Fire HD ad opt-outs

After numerous complaints, Amazon has confirmed that it will indeed let customers opt out of “Special Offers” advertising on the new Kindle Fire HD for $15. It’s a show of goodwill on Amazon’s part, but what was with the mixed messages?


Why the Kindle Paperwhite blows away previous Kindles

Amazon has just announced the Kindle Paperwhite, the newest edition to the Kindle family. It has a higher resolution screen and adjustable lighting. Here’s why it completely blows away the older Kindle models that put Amazon on the e-reading map.


Amazon’s app store sees massive growth (but it’s no Google Play)

Amazon’s app store for Android has grown massively in popularity since the Kindle Fire was released in November 2011, doubling the number of developers who publish to the store and tripling the number of apps. Plus, Amazon says, hundreds of millions of apps have now been downloaded from the store.
Of course, that’s barely a blip on the Google’s radar, since the official Android market, Google Play, has seen more than 20 billion downloads on 600,000 apps.

U.S. State Department chooses Amazon’s Kindle over Apple’s iPad

Apple’s iPad may get the headlines and the market share, but Amazon’s Kindle looks like a better choice to at least one federal agency. Today Amazon agreed to a no-bid, $16.5 million contract with the U.S. State Department to provide 2,500 Kindle Touches for the government’s overseas language-education programs.