Meet Korea's billion-dollar startups

The South Korean tech ecosystem has passed the tipping point, and we’ll see even more “unicorns” coming out of Korea over the next five years.


Silicon Valley Meets Asia: Join the Global Tech Discussion at beGLOBAL

Korea’s startups are garnering global recognition backed by the likes of Y Combinator, Tech Stars, Sequoia Capital, Altos Ventures, and Formation 8. Ten of the brightest Korean startups have been chosen to attend beGLOBAL for their potential of success in U.S. markets.

Kakao Talk

Top 10 VC-backed startups in Korea: Kakao still dominates

Under The Radar, a prominent IT and startup-focused blog in Korea, recently published a top 10 list of venture backed enterprises in Korea. Not surprisingly, Kakao placed number one in the list by a wide margin.


Corporate espionage in Korea: Samsung accuses LG of spying

Employees of LG Electronics have been accused of corporate spying by fellow Korean electronics giant — and fierce competitor — Samsung. The dispute is related to display technologies for mobile devices such as smartphones, for which Samsung has 98 percent worldwide share.

Can these four Korean startups make a splash internationally?

South Korea is in the midst of revitalizing its startup community. It is moving away from a stigma of failure and encouraging more youngsters to forgo the traditional notion of school in exchange for entrepreneurship. Indeed, many in Korea believe the only path is to finish your degree and then work for one of the country’s powerhouses: Samsung, LG, or Hyundai.

Aeria Games buys game portal Ijji Games and raises money

Aeria Games has acquired free-to-play online gaming portal Ijji Games, the company announced today. It has also received funding from Ijji parent company NHN Corporation, a Korean-based internet company that specializes in search and gaming portals for the Asian market.

Can Asia out-innovate America?

Go East, young entrepreneur! The chance to become rich and famous with a startup is no longer just an American dream. It’s happening in Asia too, as talent, energy and resources flow from the U.S. to the east.

Korea’s incubator, Litmus, looks familiar

Softbank Ventures subsidiary, Korea Media Lab, is launching an incubator to nuture young companies — offering them a small seed round of capital and helping through various steps of a so-called Litmus program.