NAVGTR announces nominees for 2012 game awards

The National Academy of Video Game Testers and Reviewers (NAVGTR, pronounced “navigator”) announced its list of nominees for their 2012 NAVGTR video game awards. Voice actors Tom Sizemore and Tara Platt were on hand to present the nominations.
The organization plans to have a panel of game journalists and other industry folks debate the list and predict the winners during the PAX East festival this April. It will announce the winners shortly afterwards.
And the nominees are…

Move over MotionScan; new lip synch tech aims to revolutionize motion capture (updated with video)

Last year, Australian company Depth Analysis took performance-driven animation to the next level with MotionScan—a technology that utilizes 32 high-definition cameras to capture an actor’s performance without the need for a special ping-pong-ball suit—in Rockstar Games’ L.A. Noire. Now, U.K.-based startup Speech Graphics wants to revolutionize audio-driven animation through new software that uniquely predicts how the muscles of the human face move to produce sounds.

RockStar Games reveals secret to its stunningly realistic human faces in L.A. Noire (video)

RockStar Games, the maker of the smash hits Red Dead Redemption (my favorite game of 2010) and Grand Theft Auto, is working on a cool “film noir” style detective game called L.A. Noire. The game comes out next year, but it’s already getting accolades for the high quality of the human faces on its 3D animated characters. The video below shows how RockStar has created the facial animations in the game. The commentary is from L.A. Noire developers Oliver Bao and Brendan McNamara. It also features game play footage and interviews with several actors in the game, including Mad Men’s Aaron Staton (who plays the role of the main character, Cole Phelps).