Why Windows 8 is terrible for desktops

With Windows 8, Microsoft favors tablets, touchscreens, and laptops with modern touchpads. Traditional desktops with a keyboard and mouse, on the other hand, have been left in the dust.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer

Why Windows 8 could be the next Vista

Thinking about Windows 8 fills me with a strong sense of unease. Whether it’s the thought of using the OS on my desktop on a daily basis or the coming backlash by consumers when the OS lands, it distresses me on more levels than it should. Windows 8 could very well be the next Vista.


Why Apple killed off the white MacBook

When Apple refreshed its line of MacBook Airs and Mac minis today, the company also quietly removed its $999 13-inch white MacBook from its store. Now the least expensive MacBook that Apple offers is the updated $999 11.6-inch MacBook Air.