Tomb Raider reboot: Are you playing or watching Lara Croft? (preview)

The feeling I got when I played a preview of the new Tomb Raider game was one of moving back and forth between a movie and a game. That’s exactly what happens when the scene shifts from a movie-like cinematic and the actual gameplay. The effect is a gripping, more personal story that could go a long way toward reviving Tomb Raider as a top-tier video game franchise.

Outfit7 Ben

Outfit7 climbs the beanstalk to find a mainstream audience

The Talking Friends have taken yet another step toward the entertainment industry. Last week, mobile gaming company Outfit7 announced a signed deal with talent agency William Morris Entertainment. Now, they have partnered with Beanstalk, the licensing agency behind brands like Mr. Clean, Jack Daniel’s, Ford Motor Co., AT&T and more.

Tomb Raider’s reboot looks like a winner (video)

At 21, Lara Croft is far more appealing as a heroine than in her older years of over-confidence and swagger. The gun-toting adventurer of Tomb Raider in her younger (pre Angelina Jolie) days was innocent, vulnerable, emotionally unarmed — and still tenacious about surviving the worst.