Trion Worlds to publish Crytek’s free-to-play shooter Warface

Online game publisher Trion Worlds will publish the highly anticipated Warface free-to-play online game from Crytek. The deal is the first in which Trion makes its online game publishing platform available to an outside third-party developer. The two companies haven’t announced the deal yet, but a sign on the Trion booth at E3 makes it pretty obvious.

Trion’s Defiance is one story told in an online game and SyFy TV show (hands-on preview)

Trion Worlds’ Defiance is one of the most ambitious transmedia projects, a story that stretches across multiple media, ever made. Debuting in April 2013, the online game world is being jointly developed in tandem with a science fiction TV show created by the SyFy entertainment network. We recently got a hands-on preview of the game where the creators described the depth of the story for the first time.

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A GamesBeat 2011 debate: Will the deep end or the shallow end of gaming thrive?

Today we’re revealing the ninth group of speakers for our third annual GamesBeat 2011 conference. These speakers are going to engage in a debate about The Shallow or the Deep End of Gaming. Trion Worlds’ Lars Buttler will argue that the deep end of the pool is where you want to be: the hardcore online games that take years to make and can last for years under subscription models. But Pocket Gem CEO Daniel Terry claims the “shallow” end of the pool is best: casual, short time demand games that are made by small teams in a matter of months. Which is the path to riches?

GamesBeat 2011 speakers to discuss raising a big pile of money

Today we’re revealing the eighth group of speakers for our third annual GamesBeat 2011 conference. They’re the oddballs fo the group because they aren’t necessarily from the mobile game industry, which is the focus of the conference. Rather, these folks all have experience with their panel topic, Raising a Big Pile of Money.